Agricultural Irrigation Scheduling Tutorial

If entering a new field, or editing an existing field, you will see this page.   "Dummy" data has been filled in to indicate how the page looks normally.

Note the instructions on the right.  You need to 1) enter a Field Name; 2) choose a weather station; 3) click "Choose Crop" to choose a crop and enter crop parameters; 4) choose a soil type using the pull-down box; 5) choose an irrigation system using the pull-down box, then, click System Parameters to enter data describing the irrigation system.

  IMPORTANT!!  You MUST choose a weather station first if scheduling with an AgriMet weather station.  This is because the AgriMet system covers several states and each have a different set of crop coefficient curves.  WATERIGHT needs to know where the weather station is before it can prepare a crop list for you to choose a crop from.

Then, click "Back to Field List" to go back to the list of saved Fields, click "Save This Field" to save the entered data, or click "Schedule this Field" to create the seasonal irrigation schedule.

When clicking "Choose Station" to choose a weather station you will see a page with a map of California (or the Northwest if using the AgriMet system).  Click into the appropriate area/state, then click the weather station nearest your farm/field.  As you verify your choice you will return to this page.

Click "Choose Crop" or "System Parameters" to see example pages and for instructions for each of those actions.

Field Name: Field 1
CIMIS Station - 105
City - 5 Points
County - Fresno
Scheduling Basis and Criteria (choose one):
Management Allowed Depletion  %
Set Time/Irrigation Set  hrs
Set Days in Rotation  days
Crop - Cotton
Start - 04/01 End - 10/15
Stop Irr - 08/25
Rootzone - 4 feet
MAD - 45%
Choose Soil >>>
Irrigation Efficiency - 75%
Wetted Area - 100% of field
Threshold - 3.45 inches

1. Enter a Field Name.

2. Click the 'Choose Station' button to select a weather station. (You MUST do this first if using the AgriMet system!)

3. Choose a Scheduling Basis and enter the Criteria.

4. Click the 'Choose Crop' button to choose a Crop

5. Select the soil type from the drop-down list.
6. Select the irrigation systemfrom the drop-down list and then click the 'System parameters' button.

7. Then click one of the action buttons above.
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