A Review and Summary

Wateright uses CIMIS or AgriMet data, the crop coefficient (Kc) and crop adjustment (Ka) for your turf, and the application rate, and the scheduling coefficient of your irrigation system to calculate a run time for each station.

Runtime is calculated using the formula:

Runtime = ((ETo x Kc x Ka) / Apprate) x ADJ x 60min/hr / Starts x Sched. Coeff.


ETo is the Evapotranspiration rate for each period based on CIMIS data,
Kc is the turf crop factor,
Ka is the turf crop factor adjustment,
Apprate is the application rate in inches/hour,
ADJ is your adjustment,
Starts is the number of times per week you water, and
Sched. Coeff. is the application rate in inches/hour,

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