Step - 1 Enter specifics of the irrigation system

The first step is to enter the specifics for each station. You can schedule up to six stations (Only one station is shown below). To begin, enter a description for the station (i.e. "3rd Tee" as shown below).

Station Description Application
Calculate Scheduling
Starts/Week Type of Grass Adjustment
  Second, enter an application rate and scheduling coefficient. You can manually enter an application rate and scheduling coefficient if you already have them available or you can calculate them from field test data. To calculate an application rate and scheduling coefficient, click the "Stn" button next to the station you want to calculate. (Stn button is not active on this page.)

Click here for the tutorial on calculating application rate and scheduling coefficient

Third, enter the number of starts per week. Starts/Week is the number of times the sprinklers will be run per week. For example: if the sprinklers are run two times per day on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday then starts/week = 6 (2 x 3).

Fourth, select the type of turf from the drop down list. If you are unsure what type of turf you have, select a "cool season" grass like Bluegrass to ensure adequate irrigation.

Fifth, enter an adjustment value. This will normally be 100; however, you may need to adjust your watering for micro-climates. For example, less water is required for shaded areas. The value could be set at 80%. This would instruct wateright to reduce estimated times by 20%. Values are shown in percent. 100 percent = no adjustment. Entering a value greater than 100% will result in additional watering time. Typical values for the adjustment are from 80 to 120 (80 = less water, 120 = more water).

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