Reference Data and Glossary

Below are several tools and sets of reference data that may be helpful.

- Historical Data from CIMIS Weather Stations
- Historical Data from AgriMet Weather Stations
- Evaluating Sprinkler irrigation Uniformity
- Estimating Soil Texture
- Estimating Soil Moisture Deficit by Look and Feel
- Estimating Soil Hydraulic Properties (this site is a publication of Washington State University)
- Find Crop Coefficients (Kc) For Ag Crops
- Find Crop Coefficients (Kc) for Turf
- Locate a Water Use Classification of Landscape Species (WUCOLS) Region
- Find WUCOLS Species Factors (Landscape)
- Estimate water available for water transfer (a method likely to be accepted by the Department of Water Resources and USBR)
  (The following links will take you to parts of some of the Advisories.  Click the Advisories button at left to read the entire Advisories - highly recommended.)
- Estimating Required Set Times for Sprinkler Irrigations
- Estimating Required Set Times for Micro Irrigations
- Estimating Applied Depth of Water with a Furrow Irrigation
- Estimating Annual Energy Costs and Use for Pumping
- Glossary of Common Irrigation Terms.
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