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Hyper-SPACE for WindowsTM
by Joe C. Oliphant


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The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) has developed a new software program for evaluating sprinkler coverage. Hyper-SPACE for Windows TM allows you to evaluate almost any kind of landscape plan from residential yards to golf courses.

  Beyond Fixed Position Layouts

Hyper-SPACE allows you to calculate the uniformity and display the coverage for almost any combination of sprinkler heads in almost any layout.

Hyper-SPACE allows you to draw out the area from a landscape plan and place the sprinkler heads anywhere within that area. You can use any combination of full-circle, part-circle, or strip spray sprinklers in the area. You can also combine both profile and full grid data in the same area.

Hyper-SPACE allows you to see how your landscape plan will perform before you do the installation.


Drawing Tools Make it Easy


Creating a layout and placing sprinklers is made simple with the drawing tools. You first draw an outline of the layout with the line drawing tools and then place the sprinklers within the layout as shown here.

  Hyper-SPACE allows you to place and orient sprinklers anywhere in the layout and shows you the area each sprinkler will cover while you are placing it.

Editing tools allow you to experiment by removing and replacing individual sprinklers or by moving them to get better coverage. You can also try completely new sets of heads within the same layout with a single command.

  Analyze an entire plan...

Hyper-SPACE allows you to analyze landscape plans of up to 1000 square feet.


Most residential landscapes can be analyzed in a single layout as shown here. You can also analyze and display densograms for all kinds of situations where analyzing from fixed-position sprinkler spacing is not practical such as in small greenhouses or sensitive areas like golf course greens.

  or just part of one.

You can save yourself some time in some situations by just analyzing part of a layout.

  For example, on a long strip of grass, you may have a couple of rows of full-circle sprinklers down the center of the strip with half-circle sprinklers along the edges. Since the pattern is repeating, you only need to look at a section of it as shown here.
  English or Metric Units
  Hyper-SPACE can use either English or metric units of measurement. Just select the measurement unit to use from the Units menu when you first start Hyper-SPACE. Layouts of up to 500 square meters can be analyzed.

Combine Profile and Full Grid Data in the Same Layout

Hyper-SPACE can use any data file that was created with SPACE or SPACE for Windows TM . You can analyze landscape plans using either single leg profile or full grid data or any combination of both.

Hyper-SPACE has the ability to modify single leg profile data from adjustable-arc sprinklers to assume any arc. You can also modify any previously entered full grid data so that it can be used by Hyper-SPACE (as long as the data was created by SPACE or SPACE for Windows TM ).

  How Efficient is Your Landscape Plan?

Does head-to-head spacing give you the best uniformity? Are the precipitation rates of the sprinkler heads matched? Is the application rate too high? too low? These are some of the questions that can be answered with Hyper-SPACE.

Hyper-SPACE allows you to see how a design will perform before it is installed.

  As you can see in the above example, the precipitation rates of the quarter and half-circle heads are matched but they do not match the precipitation rate of the full-circle heads. Non-matched precipitation rates cause drastic decreases in overall uniformity and can cause puddling and excessive runoff onto sidewalks and streets.
  Other Features
  Hyper-SPACE includes many of the same features as SPACE for Windows TM , such as the ability to copy densogram images to the Windows TM Clipboard (for importing to other Windows TM applications to enhance letters or other reports) and a printer setup routine for changing print drivers or print settings.

You can maintain separate sprinkler lists in different data directories and change the sprinkler heads you commonly use at any time.

Drawn layouts can be saved to a disk file for future reference or for trying different heads in the same layout. You can also print a copy of the layout design, a listing of the calculated application rates, and a densogram of the layout.

Printouts are customized with the name of your organization and a sub-heading can be added by you to note your printouts.
  On-Line Help Available
  Hyper-SPACE for Windows TM uses the Microsoft Windows TM Help system to give you on-line help for all of the commands and procedures Hyper-SPACE for Windows TM uses.

Help is available for guiding you through many of the procedures and options that are available.

Most of the commands and menus are context sensitive, meaning that the help for that particular command or menu can be gotten by hitting the F1 key.

There is also a built-in conversion table for converting between metric and English units and a table of short-cut keys that shows you how to save time when creating new layouts.
  How to order Hyper-SPACE for Windows TM

If you would like to purchase Hyper-SPACE for Windows TM or if you want more information on the SPACE program in general, contact the center at (209) 278-2066 or write to the address below:

Center for Irrigation Technology
California State UniversityFresno
5370 North Chestnut Avenue
Fresno, California 93740-0018

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