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SPACE for WindowsTM
by Joe C. Oliphant


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The Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) is now offering a Microsoft Windows TM based version of the CIT SPACE (Sprinkler Profile And Coverage Evaluation) program. SPACE for Windows TM is an enhanced version of the DOS based version of SPACE that incorporates all of the previous features plus many more.

  New Graphics

SPACE for Windows TM takes advantage of the graphical environment that Windows TM provides. It incorporates many new features that make it even easier to use.



On the top is a view of the Profiles window. You can now take a look at any profile by simply scrolling through the list of profile records in each file. You can even print a range or selection of the profiles directly from the Profiles window.

You can also edit any profiles (or full grid files) that you have created or have received from someone else. File maintenance of profile files can also be performed from this screen. You can delete files or records from any file.


Editing tools allow you to experiment by removing and replacing individual sprinklers or by moving them to get better coverage. You can also try completely new sets of heads within the same layout with a single command.

  Custom Profile Scaling

You can customize the scale by which the profiles are displayed and printed so that you can make comparisons between different profiles using the same scale. The custom scale can be either temporary or permanent. Catchment spacings of profiles are no longer limited to only one or two feet; large volume guns and sprinklers that require extended catchment spacings can now be overlapped. You can also change to either English or Metric units at any time by selecting the Units menu from the menu bar without exiting the program.


Most residential landscapes can be analyzed in a single layout as shown here. You can also analyze and display densograms for all kinds of situations where analyzing from fixed-position sprinkler spacing is not practical such as in small greenhouses or sensitive areas like golf course greens.

  Overlaps Made Easy

To perform an overlap, all you have to do is click the Overlap button to display the overlap window.

A diagram shows you how much overlap the sprinklers will have at any spacing you choose.

One of the best features is that you can do any number of overlap types or spacings and then view and compare each one by using the Window command from the menu bar.

Another feature is the ability to copy the images from the densograms, histograms, and other screens to the Windows TM Clipboard. You can then paste the images into any other Windows TM based program to enhance letters, reports, or any other documents you create.

SPACE for Windows TM also has the ability to automatically create Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets with the information from the data grid generated by the overlap command.

  SPACE for Windows TM Works on Laser Printers!

One of the most frequent requests we receive is for SPACE to work with laser printers. SPACE for Windows TM will work with any printer that Windows TM supports. There is a setup menu for changing to any printer you have configured on your system. For example, if you want to fax a profile to someone and you have WINFAX TM or some other facsimile program, just select the fax driver from the print setup dialog box and then select the profile or range of profiles you want to send and hit the Print command from the profile menu.

The printouts are also greatly improved. The resolution of the densograms has been increased to show a much better representation of the overlap pattern. Both the data grid and densogram printouts have the dry area (on which the scheduling coefficient is based) highlighted.

SPACE for Windows TM is customized with the name of your company so that all printouts have your company name at the top. You have the ability to select any printer font you have on your system for printing reports (the title font can be any scallable font you have; however, the main font must be a fixed pitch font).

  Multiple Spacings on Screen
  SPACE for Windows TM allows you to do multiple spacings for any type of overlap including offset and single row spacings as well as multiple spacings of full grid files.
  The information from each overlap is displayed on the screen both graphically and in a tabular list so that you no longer have to print the results to see the statistics and uniformity coefficients from a range of spacings.
  Data Entry and Editing Features Added

Entering data from your own sprinkler profile tests is now done on one screen. Buttons have been added to make it easier to enter multiple profiles and to edit catchment data.

  You can also place new profiles anywhere in a file rather than being limited to adding them to the end of a file.
  Data entry of full grids has also been improved. You can now see where the catchment data is in the grid while you are entering it, making it easier to spot mistakes.

A red dot shows you where you are in the grid, blue dots represent non-zero catchments, and a green dot represents the head position. To edit any catchment, move the mouse to the row and column you want to change and click.

You can also now have the head position located between catchments.
  On-Line Help Available
  SPACE for Windows TM uses the Microsoft Windows TM Help system to give you on-line help for all of the commands and procedures SPACE for Windows TM uses.

Help is available for guiding you through many of the procedures and new options that are available.

Most of the commands and menus are context sensitive, meaning that the help for that particular command or menu can be gotten by hitting the F1 key. There is also a built-in conversion table for converting between metric and English units.
  How to order SPACE for Windows TM

If you would like to update to or purchase SPACE for Windows TM or if you want more information on the SPACE program in general, contact the center at (209) 278-2066 or write to the address below:

Center for Irrigation Technology
California State UniversityFresno
5370 North Chestnut Avenue
Fresno, California 93740-0018

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